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In Utero: It’s Where We All Began

The In Utero documentary was recently awarded the breakthrough documentary at San Diego Film Festival. Featuring leading researchers on inherited family trauma, doctors, psychologists, specialists and midwives who all share their professional experience that our time in the womb influences the rest of our lives.

We all share the womb experience, where life starts for each of us. What was going on for your mom and your family during these formative 9 months shapes and impacts our lives much more than we ever realized.

It’s well known that we share the same biological environment with our mom. Our first 9 months is shared in her body, in many ways your Mom shapes and represents life. What may come as a surprise is that when your Grandma was 5 months pregnant with your mom, the egg that will one day be you and your siblings was created within your Grandma’s womb. Your Grandma’s memories and experiences are shared with your mom and with her children. What was going on for Grandma was she was pregnant with your mom? This is just one of the ways that we share in the generational experiences of our family.

Dr. Gabor Mate shared in the documentary that when we see dysfunction in people we see the imprint of their early experience. The significance of this cannot be overstated. The painful things that have happened in our lives and in our family’s lives don’t just disappear. Stress that affected one generation will be played out in the next generation. We all have aspects of our parents, grandparents – even great grandparents history that we haven’t considered affecting us today. All of these experiences become part of who you are, woven into the fabric of your life.

We may say to ourselves – “I’ve always been let down in my relationships, I guess this is how it will always be.” The challenges we face in life may not be ours alone, they are shared across multiple generations. We inherit much more than the same eye colour or hair colour. You may think of it as your emotional inheritance. The work I do each day is working with these unconscious pieces, from our time in utero, from childhood, from the family experience that isn’t even ours and yet we carry it.

Often I ask my clients what was going on for their mom when she was pregnant or what happened during their birth and many don’t have all the information. Sometimes these stories get lost over the years, yet, even if we don’t know the history or the specific details it is possible to find them through our fears, our relationship patterns and those places we feel stuck in life.
The ways babies are carried, birthed and loved in this precious developmental first years shapes humanity. When you give attention to the beginning of a story, you can change the whole story for the better.

You are invited to watch the In Utero documentary on Sat, Feb 4th, 2017 followed by an interactive workshop designed to give you a greater understanding of the influences that live within your family and the impact of your earliest life experiences.

The workshop will be held at International Academy Health Education.
You can learn more about it by visiting

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