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The parallels between making love and giving birth are clear, not only in terms of passion and love, but also because we need essentially the same conditions for both experiences: privacy and safety.” This is a quote from one of my favourite authors, Sarah Buckley, an authority on natural birth practices.

Place yourself, for a moment, in that sacred space of giving birth. Even if you’re not a mother yet, what do you imagine it might be like? How would you like to welcome your precious baby in those first moments of life? Imagine your dimly lit bedroom, comfortably lying on your bed, relaxing music softly playing in the background with your partner beside you, rubbing your back – your midwife present, quietly encouraging you – your doula at your side, offering a sip of water. As your contractions ebb and flow, you move through the stages of labour with ease, realizing each step brings you closer to meeting your baby and nuzzling babe close to you. As you meet the intensity of birth, you feel supported, loved and safe in the process.

The birth of your baby is a moment you will remember for a lifetime. How would you like it to unfold? I vividly remember my parents sitting me down to share their concern about my decision to have a home birth. Had I really thought this decision through?

From their perspective, I was putting their grandchild at risk by choosing a home birth. In the calmest voice that I could muster, I invited them to read a book from my favourite author, Ina May Gaskin (Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth). I assured them that I had read several books, interviewed midwives and doulas and gathered research about how to prepare myself for a safe home birth.

I’d been practising hypnosis for childbirth since discovering I was pregnant and I’d been putting together an amazing home birth kit with all kinds of comfort measures like a water birth tub to set up in our living room, a birthing ball, aromatherapy for pain relief and relaxation. I was enjoying pre-natal yoga classes every week and learning comfort measures for birth. Overall, I was feeling confident in my body’s innate ability to birth the baby I was miraculously growing!

Over a cup of raspberry tea, I shared some of the most amazing statistics that proved to me the safety of a home birth. After all, midwives are the most common birth attendants in the world! Some statistics for Outcomes of Home Births with a Professional Midwife are:

  • 98.4 % of all the mothers were in good health after birth
  • 98.3% of all the babies were in good health after birth
  • 99% initiated breastfeeding and 95.8% were still breastfeeding at six weeks
  • Episiotomy rate = 2.1% (compared to 33.0%)
  • Caesarean Section rate = 3.7% (compared to 30% nationally)
  • Infant mortality rate = 1.7 in 1000 live births (similar to hospital outcomes for low risk)
  • No maternal deaths

To read more midwives statistics visit: www.inamay.com/statistics.php .

Give Yourself the Support You Deserve on Your Birth Day.